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No Parking board advertising is a very effective way to increase brand presence in a particular geographical area as it helps in brand recall.

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No Parking Boards


No Parking board advertising is an effective way to increase brand presence in a particular geographical area as it helps in brand recall and helps convey important business information to its target audience.

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What are No Parking

No Parking boards are plastic or tin sheets that are used effectively in advertising and branding across India.

These boards are designed using bold lettering and attractive multi-colors and branded with business information such as brand name, contact information, and services offered.

No Parking boards can be manufactured in various sizes depending on the business’s requirements and installation area. However, 1 ft. x 1.5 ft. (12 inches x 18 inches) is the most commonly used size in no parking boards advertising.

These boards are commonly installed in residential areas, shopping complexes, near-commercial buildings, and other relevant high footfall locations.

About Parking Boards

Why choose No Parking boards advertising
for your business?

No Parking board advertising is a very effective way to increase brand presence in a particular geographical area as it helps in brand recall and helps convey important business information such as brand name, contact information, business address and services offered.

These parking sign boards help serve a dual purpose as they help promote a business and also help convey a social message such as ‘no-parking’, ‘clean city – green city’ and so on.

No parking boards are easy to install and can cover several target areas. One of the most important reasons to choose no parking board for marketing your business is that it generates a certain level of curiosity amongst the on-lookers and by-standers. The high durability and long-lasting nature of these boards make them a constant way to promote your business in a particular area, residential colony, or market place. Moreover, no parking boards advertising is budget-friendly in comparison with other traditional outdoor advertising mediums such as rented advertising boards, led hoardings and bill boards.

Important features and advantages of using No Parking Boards Ads:

No Parking Boards | Feature

Widespread visibility: No parking boards are installed in large quantities and this helps them cover a large geographical area and reach a wider audience.


Highly Durable: No Parking boards are made with robust long lasting plastic or metal materials that makes them withstand extreme weather conditions and makes them last a very long time.


Cost-Effective: With prices starting at just Rs. 15 per board, these boards can give you a high return on your investment specially because of their high impression rate.


Easy to Install: Parking signage is usually installed at around 5ft-8ft above ground level. Hence, it is very easy to install these boards. In fact, a team of experience no parking board installers can install up to 1,000 boards in a given day.


Attractive Designs: Multi-color eye catchy brand designs and social messages benefit greatly in conveying important business information and thus helps in marketing your business.


Lightweight Design: Sunpack no parking sheets are lightweight and can be easily transported and installed.

What are the types of No-Parking Boards?

Sunpack Sheet Parking Board: Plastic corrugated sunpack sheet parking board is on of the most popular no parking boards which are used by advertisers across India. These boards are easy to print on and install. Moreover, sunpack sheet no parking boards are cost effective as they are a lot cheaper than other types of no parking board advertising such as metal sheet parking signage.

Metal Sheet Parking Board: Tin plate no parking boards are more durable and robust in comparison with sunpack sheets as they can withstand extreme weather conditions. However, these metal parking boards are more expensive than their plastic alternative i.e. sunpack sheets. The tin plate parking board advertising is commonly used by the healthcare industry, banks, and public section companies.

No-Parking Boards | Types
 process of installing No-Parking Boards

What is the process of installing No-Parking Boards?

Installing no-parking boards is a quick and easy process as you do not need any special equipment to install these boards. A person can install sunpack sheet parking boards by piercing a metal wire inside the board and hanging it against a gate or a pole. A team of two parking board installers can install up to a thousand boards in a given day.

Why choose Adlink Publicity for No-Parking board Advertising?

We at Adlink Publicity are the manufacturer as well as printer of No Parking sheets. In fact, we have been successfully manufacturing and printing parking boards for the past 2 decades. Our printed parking boards are high quality, durable and attractive. No Parking board’s unique positioning at eye level generates high visibility because of which our clients in the education, healthcare, pharma, steel, and consumer goods industry have received a great response from advertising through parking boards advertising.

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