No Parking Plates

Advertising through tin plates is more durable and long-lasting as these boards are robust, strong and rust-free.

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No Parking Plates
No Parking Plates
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tin-plate Advertising


Advertising using parking tin plate boards can be one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience. These boards can be installed in market places, residential areas, park boundaries and, unipoles.

Tin plate parking boards are preffered by advertisers since these metal no parking boards are weather proof, strong, long-lasting and highly durable. Infact, tin plate materials are perfect for multi-color printing and for creating attractictave signages.

Tin plates are more durable simply because they are strong and sturdy and, can withstand touch wether conditions such as rain and high speed winds.

Some of the important features and benefits of using no parking tin boards are:


Attractive Designl: - Tin plate advertising can result in super catchy designs and display social messages like 'green city clean city' and hence help in promoting your brand.


Durable: - No parking boards are extremely robust and highly durable. They can last for many months and sometimes even years.


East to Install: - A team of two parking board installers can install upto 1000 tin plates in a single day.


Cost effective: - Prices start from as little as 20/- INR per sq. ft.

tin-plate-sheet Boards installing

What is the process of installing tin-plate Boards?

Tin plates are installed at residential colony gates and other high footfall places such as parks, event venues, market places and more.

Tin plate boards are specifically installed in places where parking is restricted since they serve as a dual purpose of advertisement and general information.

One of the main advantages of installing tin plates is that it does not require any special equipment apart from a metal wire to tie it accross.

However, sometimes a ladder is used to install these boards at a higher level to get more attention from the bystanders.

Adlink Publicity for tin-plate Sheets Advertising

Why choose Adlink Publicity for tin-plate Advertising?

We provide several types of tin boards which are available in different shapes, sizes and colors.

Our tin plates are made of high quality material and available at reasonable rates.

We can customize tin plates depending on the requirements. We also do PAN India installation delivery service.

Adlink Publicity for tin-plate Sheets Advertising