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Rollup Standee is used for brand promotion as it helps in brand awareness.

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Standee Advertising
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Standee Advertising


Roll Up Standees are a popular and effective form of outdoor advertising.

Roll-up Standees are commonly used during events, exhibitions, conferences, campaigns, and marketing activities. You often find them near the reception counters of businesses, institutions, schools, and universities as well as industrial corporations, to promote goods and services.

Roll-up banners are among the most highly customizable and compact types of advertising. It can be carried anywhere and used by various businesses at any location.

Standees are retractable banner-type advertising and marketing materials that are used both indoors and outdoors to communicate a certain marketing message.

Why choose Standee for your business ?

A roll-up banner stand is an effective advertising tool for promotions, exhibitions, trade shows, or marketing purposes. In this way, people standing outside the exhibition can get information and offers inside the trade show. Roll-up Banner Stands are also known as Roller Banners or Pull Up Banners. Banner stands help to attract attention, increase publicity for your business and maximize impact. Potential customers are likely to stop whenever they see a large and eye-catching advertisement sign. Additional advantages of roll-up banners are mentioned below.

Standee for your business

Some of the important features and benefits of using Standee Advertising are:


Easy to Install: - The Standees banners are easy to install. One of the most impressive features of banners is their lightweight. It makes banners easy to pick up and install at the appropriate place efficiently.


Durable: - Long-lasting durability is one of the benefits of roll-up banners. The material used for the banner is not easily damaged. This plastic is high quality and laminated; it gives your advertisement a glossy and bright appearance. You can easily reuse it in other events by simply changing the banner.


Attractive: - People will notice the roll-up banners because they're eye-catching. Designed with high-quality laminated visuals, the banner appears bright and glossy. When you place a roll-up standee outside your hotel, company, institution, school, or college, passersby will see your message. They can carefully read your entire message and understand it completely.


Cost effective: - One of the most economical advertising methods for businesses in the digital age is using Standees banners. Any small or large corporate organization can afford the price of the roll-up banner. It is highly effective for small or new enterprises.